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  • Please remember this form is to be filled out every hour while on duty.


    STOP! LOOK! LISTEN! In a sense, security guard/proprietary private security officers are paid observers. As a security guard/proprietary private security officer your role should be PREVENTION. When an offense has been committed, your responsibility should be to OBSERVE and REPORT. You may be required to:

    •Report to the police

    •Write a report for your employer

    •Testify as to what you saw, heard, and did


    You will need to know the difference between a fact and conclusion.

    •A FACT is what has actually happened, or is known to be true.

    •A CONCLUSION is a judgment or opinion formed as a result of the facts.

    Peace officers and your employer are interested only in the FACTS. With proper facts, they can reach their own conclusions. 


    FACT: As I came around the corner, I saw two men kneeling at the door. One was holding a crowbar. The door had markings around the lock.

    CONCLUSION: The men are burglars.




    A man was walking inside of a fenced area, looking at the loading dock. 

    A man was wandering around looking for something to steal 

    A young man was weaving back and forth and almost fell down twice in the two minutes I observed him. 

    He was drunk and couldn’t even walk right. 

    A Woman got into the car and tried to start it. 

    She tried to steal the car. 

    A girl picked up the necklace, examined it, placed in her purse, and walked directly to the north exit. 

    After she stole the necklace, she tried to get away by the north exit. 


    What’s Important

    When you write a report, remember to include these six facts:

    1. Who? (names of suspects, victims, complainants, witnesses, etc.)

    2. What? (description of what happened, what each person involved did, what evidence is available, etc.)

    3. When? (time, date, sequential account of what happened from start to finish)

    4. Where? (location where the incident took place, where each person involved was situated, where evidence was found, etc.)

    5. Why? (describe the motives for what happened, if they are evident)

    6. How? (how the incident happened, how each person involved was acting, etc.)


    The security officer’s primary role should be to protect persons and prevent damage or destruction to property. PREVENTION is the key word.

    Example:  If you spotted some people trying to climb a fence to enter private property, you should shout at them or turn on the lights. Do anything lawful that would discourage their trespassing, don’t wait until they cross the fence so you can arrest them.

    Another typical situation might be, a person intends to steal from a store, but suddenly sees a uniformed security officer on patrol. The person leaves the store without stealing anything. The security officer, simply by being in uniform, has prevented a crime.


    The ability of the security officers to fulfill their duties is dependent upon securing and maintaining public respect and approval, which includes obtaining the public's willingness to cooperate in the task of preventing crime. The extent to which the community's respect and trust can be secured is diminished when a security officer acts in an unprofessional or unlawful manner. The personal conduct of a security officer is always under a microscope. You must be constantly mindful of your obligations to serve your employer efficiently and effectively. The degree to which the community will cooperate with you is dependent upon its respect for, and confidence in you.


    The general public sometimes thinks of security officers as police officers, due to the fact that their uniforms are not readily identifiable from a distance. As such, the security officer should maintain his/her appearance and demeanor to the highest level.


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